Online Slot – Tips on Finding the Gold Pokie GuideIn the world of slot machines, where winning is never certain, the latest addition to the slot machine fun arsenal is the Where’s the Gold Pokie. It is a relatively new machine, and although not entirely a flash game, it does have the potential for some pretty big winnings. For those just getting into playing slot machines at casinos, or for those who enjoy testing a new machine out, this is one of those machines that you may want to try out. Before you do though, you need to know some of the details of this particular machine.

The Where’s the Gold Pokie is part of the Golden Palace Slot Machine Family, which is a stable of machines that has been manufactured since 1974. The family contains three different brands, including the Zoll, Lifestyle and Casino. They have all produced successful machines over the years, and this is part of what has made them family companies instead of individual ones. The Where’s the Gold Pokie is manufactured in the same manner as other slot games, with each machine having different odds attached to them.

When you place your bet, you are dealing with five symbols on the reels, and you will need to choose one from either the top (called the “head” symbol) or the bottom (known as the “shoe” symbol). To break it down in simple terms, the “pokie” is your initial bid and is used to pay for the free spins on the other three symbols on the reel. This is done by selecting one of the five scatter symbols on the left hand side of the reel, and placing your mark by way of a small metal disk shaped object.

Once you have chosen your symbol, you hit the “play” key, and the Where’s the Gold Pokie will rotate to reveal five more symbols. Your choices here are again your primary keywords – any of these five can result in a payout, although not necessarily for free. However, your first two picks can award you free spins on the gold digger, and then your luck can carry over and you can earn additional bets through the free spins that come about each time you select your choice of symbol.

Once all five of the symbols on the left-hand side of the Where’s the Gold Pokie reel are selected, it will rotate to the second pokie round, and the process repeats again. Each time you select a new round, you are dealing with four coins, but since the free spins do not add up to much money, you may find yourself with an “underfilled” bet at the end of the game. If you have not yet maxed out your bets, and are on the losing end of a “level”, you will be able to “re-spin” a free-spinner to get more gold for your collection.

Once you have reached maximum money on all five coins in your collection, you will be forced to stop playing at that point and wait for the counter to reset so you can bet once more. With this guide, hopefully you will be able to maximize the amount of free spins that come about each time you select a specific symbol. A “free spin” is an opportunity for you to enter a special slot machine that has not yet been taken.

When you press the spin button, it will count as one of your attempts, and you will have the opportunity to win a prize if your snap decision is right.

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